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Accreditation and Accolades


St. Mary Catholic School is full accredited through the Michigan Non-Public School Accrediting Association. Schools participate in the accreditation process every seven years. There is a three-year site visit to ensure that progress has been made, improvements implemented, and goals achieved. In addition to the accreditation process, there is also an annual report that is submitted for review that addresses any concerns and to also inform the accrediting association of any extra improvements or goals that have been met.

St. Mary Catholic School is proud to have achieved Evergreen status in the Green School Program for the second year in a row!  The Michigan Green Schools program is open to all public and private schools. To become a Green School, an application is submitted to the county coordinator highlighting activities completed by the students that promote environmental awareness and protection within four categories: Recycling, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, and Miscellaneous.  Points are accumulated within each category leading to one of three designations:  Green (10-14 points), Emerald (15-19 points), and Evergreen (20 or more points).  Many activities and lessons helped our school achieve Evergreen status including:  Middle School's field trip to learn about rehabilitating owls, Preschool 3 studying bats, the waste-free lunch program, and the paper recycling program.