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     Dear Parents,

     Second semester is underway.  We are busy getting to know each other, picking up our reading, writing and math skills.  In Social Studies, we are working on things from long ago and how those things have changed.  Many of the items from long ago, the children remember seeing at the Henry Ford Museum trip they took in the fall.  (They are such good sponges soaking up knowledge from lots of sources.)  In religion class we have learned a new song, "My God Is So Great", we know that nothing is impossible for our God.  In Science we have added an aquarium to our classroom, we are learning about aquatic animals and their needs.

     We had an awesome time sharing the 100's collections.  Each and everyone did a fantastic job.  The public speaking portion was a phenomenal success.

     We are busy from start to finish and learning is so much fun!!!  We are looking for readers in the March is Reading Month schedule.  Send an e-mail if you can come in and read to the class.  Your book or ours? 

     Thank you for your continued support.                                         

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