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 Happy Grandparents Day! 
Thank you to everyone who was able to celebrate Grandparent's Day with us at Mass today.  I posted a video of our "Blessing to Grandparents" on the video page.  Enjoy :) 
Thank you to everyone who came out to support our school at McTeacher's Night last night.  We had a great turnout! 
Have a blessed week.
Week of October 9, 2017
This week we spent a lot of time exploring PUMPKINS.  We measured them with cubes, we cleaned out the inside of the pumpkin, we counted seeds and we had a really fun time hammering golf tees into the pumpkin.  Photos will be posted soon! 
Faith Formation:  God Made the Bible
Letter:  N
Have a wonderful weekend.  McTeacher Night is on October 17th from 4:30-6:30 at the McDonald's on Michigan Ave and Wayne Rd.  Our class is looking forward to Grandparents Day at 9:00 Mass on October 18th.
Week of September 18th, 2017
This week we will be learning about Our 5 Senses.  
     Monday:  Sight
     Tuesday:  Hearing
     Wednesday:  Touch
     Thursday:  Taste and Smell
Our Faith Formation theme is:  God Made My Friends
Letter:  P
Have a blessed week.....Mrs. Herdon
Week of September 11, 2017
                                       Theme:  My Community
                  Faith Formation:  God Made My Helpers
                                   Letter:  D
*This week we will be talking about the people who help us in our community/neighborhood.  
*Check out our new "Community Helper" board in the classroom.  All of the students have jobs in our classroom now.  They will be assigned new jobs every Monday.  
Week of September 5, 2017
Theme:  All About My Family
Faith Formation:  God Made My Family
Letter:  E
* Please remember to bring your Family picture collages back to school, so we can display them in our classroom.
* We will be attending 9:00 Mass, on Wednesday, with our
7th Grade Buddies.
Welcome to Pre-K at St. Mary of Wayne!
     I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our School Premiere on Tuesday, August 22nd from 3:00-7:00 pm. This is your opportunity to meet your teacher, bring in your supplies, and explore your classroom.
Have a Blessed Day!
Mrs. Herdon
Week of August 28, 2017
      Theme:  All About Me
         Faith Formation:  God Made Me
                          Letter:  F
This week, we will be making classroom rules, exploring our classroom, and getting to know our new friends better.  
Wednesday, August 30, 2017
"Back to School Night" for Parents 
6:30-8:30 pm
Haney Hall

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Catholic Schools Week - Wednesday's Theme

Wednesday is VIP Lunch Day.  The children will be wearing their uniforms on Wednesday.  Our lunchtime is at 11:55.  Bring a lunch for yourself, and join your child for a special lunch.

Catholic Schools Week - January 29th - Feb 2nd

Tuesday's theme is: wear a police/fire shirt, (or a blue, black or red shirt), jeans, and tennis shoes.  Students will be eating lunch with police and/or firefighters.

We did a group activity where the children shared what they like to do in the snow.  Some of their answers will bring a smile to your face.


School Pictures are coming home today.  Class pictures will be coming at a later time.  I have to say, I think I have a beautiful class of children :)

Field Trip Reminder

This is a reminder that the Henry Ford Museum Permission slips and $ are due tomorrow, Thursday, November 16th.


Hi Mom and Dad!  Today we made applesauce in class.  Here is the recipe:
We cut up 12 apples (Mrs. Herdon peeled them)
We put the apple pieces into the crockpot.
We added:
     1/2 c. of sugar
     1 Tbsp of Cinnamon
     1 1/4 cups of water
The applesauce cooked on high for 3 hours in the crockpot, and boy did our classroom and hallways smell delicious!

Today we talked more about Community Helpers.  The children used shapes to make vehicles that community helpers use.  We listened to the stories The Doorbell Rang and Knuffle Bunny,  Our favorite song the past 2 weeks has been "If you're a boy, if you're a girl."  We enjoyed some fresh air on the playground today, and even saw...(gasp)....a worm!!!  Mrs. Herdon was very brave and picked it up lol.  Tomorrow we have Mass at 9:00 with our buddies. Have a great night!  

Here are some of the fun things we did today......

 Today we read the story A Chair for My Mother by Vera Williams.  We talked about what we would buy for our family if we saved our money in a money jar.  We listened to the "Beanbag Boogie" and identified different parts of our body.  We also played in the sand table (with beans) and used our new legos.  

Reminder:  Labor Day Break is from September 1st - 4th.  See you on school on Tuesday, September 5th.  Please remember to bring back your family picture collage next week; as well as your Child Information Record (both sides), and the last page of your preschool handbook.  Have a blessed weekend with your family!  Mrs. Herdon